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Bernardus Petrus ( Ben ) Viegers

Bernardus Petrus ( Ben ) Viegers
1886 - The Netherlands - 1947
Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

Ben Viegers was born on 17 december 1886 in The Hague. His father "Piet" was a coachman, but his grandfather (father of his mother: Hulzing) was coach builder and the first inspiration source for the young Viegers. In the workshop of granddad Hulzing he learned drawing, paint mixing/blending and decorating. After elementary school he became apprentice in the coach workshop. The artist Ben Viegers is an auto-didact, there is no proof that he ever registered for an official education/academy to develop his artistic talents. In the first years he was coached and guided by his friend Charles (Carel Bernardus) Dankmeijer (1861-1923). As starting professional painter, Viegers had a contract with the Haagse art-gallery Koch that ensured him a guarenteed monthly income. A lot of his early work was mainly bought by tourists and visitor from the USA.

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