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Léon de Smet

Léon Smet
1881 - Belgien - 1966
Peter Pappot Kunsthandel

Léon de Smet was born in Gent 1881, he died in Deurle 1966. (Belgium). Like his older brother Gustaaf de Smet Léon studied at the Art School in Gent. Post-impressionistic painter of, sometimes official, portraits, still-lives , figures and landscapes. Léon de Smet lived from 1906 till 1913 in St. Martins-Latem where he was a member of the group of St. Martins-Latem. During worldwar I (1914-1918) Léon de Smet stayed in England. After the war he was for a short time influenced by the expressionism, but he returned to his impressionistic way of painting. In Deurle (Belgium) is a ‘Léon de Smet Museum’ works by Léon de Smet are in possession of museums in Antwerp, Brussels, Gant and Ostend, Belgium.

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