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Jan van Vuuren

Jan Vuuren
1871 - Niederlande - 1941
Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

JAN van Vuuren (1871-1941) The painter Jan van Vuren in 1871, son of a farm laborer in Molenaarsgraaf. At an early age, his talent recognized by a number of local dignitaries to ensure that the young Van Vuren in teaching can by R. Larij. Later he also followed courses at the Hague Academy of Art and the Amsterdam painter GW Dijsselhof. In 1896 he was admitted to the prestigious Society Painterly Pulchri-Studio in The Hague. In those years he regularly draws Hague painters Elspeet direction where they capture the Veluwe countryside. During one of these periods in the Veluwe he meets Anna Margaretha Heijman Elburg teacher whom he married in 1900. Together they have four children. All the sources of fires in January indicate that every day he found out was sketchbook and / or easel to capture the Veluwe countryside. Tirelessly painted forest landscapes, Boslaan caps, water mills, harbors and streets in places like Hattem, Nunspeet and Elburg. Always in his trademark realistic style which his entire career faithful, even when the interest from the art world was less was. Probably, Van Vuuren from about 1893-1895 in Elspeet with it regularly dwell Hague artists HJ van der Weele ter Meulen and FP. Van Vuuren 1896 after staying in and after 1899 in Elburg Epe. In Elburg Van Vuuren met his future wife Anna Margaretha Heijman. More information: There is a monograph published in January of spruce (Jan van Vuuren Painter of the Veluwe ") published by Van Spijk and is purchased from the desk of the Municipal Elburg.

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