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Stratus (Usugumo) - Fuku Fukumoto

Stratus (Usugumo)
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Fuku Fukumoto, Stratus (Usugumo)
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Fuku Fukumoto
Japan 1973
Artist biography

Fukumoto's unique methods and technique produce works where glazes shed their film like roles on matte porcelain surfaces. A potter, who enjoys painting with her fingers, Fukumoto feels, 'sensations are blunted by the intervention of a brush.' For her, hand and brain, touch and cognition, are directly connected.

ukumoto Fuku originally chose ceramics as her medium to distance herself from her parents, who were both renowned textile artists. After studying ceramics at University, she became interested in working with porcelain and has been working in this medium since. Taking inspiration from nature, such as clouds, ice, and moonlight, her works have a thin and delicate, yet striking quality. As Fukumoto often creates work by ‘gluing’ a number of components together, glaze is used alternately as surface design and as part of the work's structure.