A Jun ware dish

A Jun ware dish

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Offered by E. Pranger Oriental Art

A heavily potted Jun Ware dish with rounded sides and a straight lip rim. The dish is covered with an opaque green glaze. The base is unglazed showing the dense buff-colored stoneware.

Jun ware is one of the `five famous wares of the Song dynasty', it differs from the others in style. Its heavy potting and thick glaze were best suited to fairly simple shapes. The glaze has neither the mysterious haziness and irregular crackle of Ru, Guan and Ge wares, qualities that made them comparable to jade, nor the clean and sparkling appearance of Ding ware, which gave rise to associations with silver; its attraction is more immediate and dependent on its bright colours.
Song Dynasty
4 cm

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E. Pranger Oriental Art

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