Blue and White Delftware Plate, Delft

Blue and White Delftware Plate, Delft

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This Dutch Delftware plate with a decoration of a dragon surrounded by flowers is probably manufactured between 1720 and 1735 by “De 3 Vergulde Astonne”, currently held by Zacharias Dextra.
The plate with the lobed rim clearly fits in a group of artifacts of which the Rijksmuseum owns an oil and vinegar ménage and two salts. These items have a similar décor and brownish edge.
The dragon image is derived from Chinese examples of the period. Presumably these Delft objects were used to complement a Chinese porcelain service.
De 3 Vergulde Astonne (also known as 3 Posteleyne Astonne) was owned by Zacharias Dextra between 1722 and 1759. By means of a notarial deed of 1726 he left the management of the company to Adriaan van Duyn. The mark ‘Ad’ on the bottom might refer to this foreman. The earlier mentioned oil and vinegar ménage that certainly originates from this factory is marked with a D. In the past this mark was attributed to “de Dissel”. This enterprise, however, was liquidated in 1702 and can therefore not be the manufacturer of these items of a later date.

ca. 1720-1735

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