A Model of a Fruit in Polychrome Dutch Delft Earthenware

A Model of a Fruit in Polychrome Dutch Delft Earthenware

Price: € 1200

Offered by Van Nie Antiquairs

Naturalistically colored and modeled resting on or suspended beneath a spray of manganese-veined leaves shaded in green and issuing from a manganese or brown stem.

Similar exvamples: Four fruit models of this type are illustrated by Van Dam, 2004, p. 173, pl. 116, who comments that these were "small items to decorate the table at any time of year;" and twelve fruits, including several very similar apples and pears, are illustrated by Lavino, P: 58, who on p. 81 also illustrates a collection of these fruit models hung against tiled walls. A garland composed of fifteen similar fruit models in the Musees Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Brussels, is illustrated by Helbig, Vol. 11, p. 70, fig. 57; and by De Jonge, 1965, p. 307, pI. 194, and De Jonge, 1970, p. 142, ill. 149.

Delft, Holland
Dutch Delft Earthenware
12 x 14 x 6.5 cm

Offered by

Van Nie Antiquairs

Oenselsestraat 50
5301 EP Zaltbommel
The Netherlands

+31 653353290

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