1 mei vuren Terschelling - Harm Henrick Kamerlingh Onnes

1 mei vuren Terschelling

Harm Henrick Kamerlingh Onnes ( The Netherlands 1893 - 1985 )
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Offered by Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

Harm Kamerlingh Onnes Henrick was on February 15, 1893 in Zoeterwoude born and deceased in Leiden on May 20, 1985.

Kamerlingh Onnes received his first drawing and painting lessons from his father in 1913 Menso (1860-1900) and artistic advice of his uncle Floris Verster (1861-1927). He became a student of the Leyden Drawing Academy Aemula Ars Naturae and concluded there friendship with the architect JJP Oud.
He painted, watercolors, drawings and ceramic objects made. Kamerling Onnes worked in Oegstgeest, Katwijk (summer), Terschelling (summer), The Hague (1939), Delft, Voorschoten (1956), Leiden (from 1971). In 1922 he made a long trip with his uncle Adolf from Medan to Sumatra, China and Japan. Easton with his wife Titia he made many trips to France, Italy, Greece, England and Indonesia, China and Japan.
Was a member of the Sphinx in 1915 and met Theo van Doesburg. In 1917 he joined De Stijl and underwent the influence of Bart van der Leck. He was also a member of Arti et Amicitiae (1923), The Independents (1930), Pulchri Studio (1935) Vooschotense the Art Association (1968) and St. Luke Circle in Delft. Since 1933, he and his uncle Tutein Nothenius ceramics. He signed his work with his initials HKO.

His work can be found in order Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, the Gemeentemuseum in Arnhem, the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Stedelijk Museum, the Cloth Hall in Leiden

Harm Henrick Kamerlingh Onnes
Collectie Sary Heykoop Terschelling
H K O 68
22 x 31 cm

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