Binnenhaven te Rotterdam - Johan Hendrik Mastenbroek

Binnenhaven te Rotterdam

Johan Hendrik Mastenbroek ( The Netherlands 1875 - 1945 )

Offered by Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

Hendrik van Mastenbroek 1875 - 1945 Was born in 1875 in Rotterdam. Here he died in 1945. He lived and worked in Rotterdam, Bruges, Paris, London, The Hague and then in Rotterdam. He formed himself and was also drawing lessons from Maasdijk of AHR. He was a major painter of the port of Rotterdam, the Meuse and the Zuiderzee Works.
Mastenbroek painted, drew and etched watercolors river scenes, harbors, city views and a single winter landscape. His work documents the technical progress and the rapidly increasing activity in the port of Rotterdam after 1900. Mastenbroek sketched out of happy in rainy weather to the beauty of the skies and bright colors. "I could stand the great feast of clouds and the colors so rich in style between Sun and clouds," he wrote this in 1945. He gained widespread success in his work.
He gave advice to JP Miller and H. of Randwijk. Mastenbroek won many awards for his work. Work of Van Mastenbroek is ao in the collections of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum van Bilderbeek, of The Hague, the Rijksmuseum HW Mesdag, the municipal
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Johan Hendrik Mastenbroek
Privat Collection England
J H van Mastenbroek
50 x 72 cm

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Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

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1271 KW Huizen
The Netherlands

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