Le retour der troupeau - Anthony (Anton) Mauve

Le retour der troupeau

Anthony (Anton) Mauve ( The Netherlands 1838 - 1888 )
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Anton Mauve Zaandam 1838 - 1888 Arnhem Anton Mauve was next Isaëls Josef (1824-1911), Albert Neuhuys (1844-1914) and Henry Beetle (1854-1922) one of the most famous painters of the School Laren. His name is inextricably linked to the village of Laren.

Antonhij Rudolf Mauve was born on September 19, 1838 in Zaandam, and died 60 years later in Arnhem on February 5, 1888. He studied the animal painter Pieter Frederik van Os (1808-1892) and Wouterus Verschuur (1812-1874), the famous horse painter. Afterwards he worked with Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriel (1828-1903), and Marinus Heyl JJDoffegnies. He painted watercolors and landscapes, often decorated with sheep or other livestock, he is also etched.

He worked from 1858-1868 mainly in Haarlem around 1870 in Amsterdam from 1872-1885 mostly in The Hague with his colelgae of the Hague School and then from 1886 until his death in Laren. In the work of Mauve also influences Bilders JW (1811-1890) found. Mauve has some of the later paintings Bilders upholstered. Mauve taught include M. Boxing, Charles B. Dankmeijer (1861-1923), his cousin Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Arina Hugenholtz (1848-1934), Francois Pieter ter Meulen (1843-1927)

Laren, the land of Mauve. At the beginning of the eighties, just as the Hague School at the height of his fame began to come, Mauve attracted more and more on the throw, because he became addicted to the landscape here. After he finally in 1885 the final step of The Hague to Laren had made in the villa on the Arietta Naarderstraat No. 48 had settled in Laren, his work became increasingly dramatic. At the same time he continued the art business facilities contain are known as sheep herds, which - as the myth states - still wet from his donkey were sold.
Most major museums in the Netherlands have his work
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Anthony (Anton) Mauve
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A Mauve
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