Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg (1852-1924)

Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg (1852-1924)

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Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg (1852-1924) Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg (1852-1924)

Oude Hoofdpoort gate in Hoorn

Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg was a contemporary of George Hendrik Breitner and Floris Arntzenius who focused exclusively on townscapes. While the figures in Breitner’s and Arntzenius’s works formed an essential part of the composition, Klinkenberg considered them of lesser importance, instead developing an entirely idiosyncratic style characterised by vibrant sunlight and a predominantly light, yellow/green pallette. He rendered buildings in light shades of brown and ochre, strongly accentuated in places with white, and often surrounded them with tall green trees against a bright blue sky. Water also played an important part in many of his compositions. Klinkenberg made very little use of the grey colours that are so typical of the Hague School; in terms of palette, he showed more affinity with the French impressionists.

Compared to most townscapes by Breitner and Arntzenius, which may be more modernist in attitude but can come across as rather sombre and ponderous, Klinkenberg’s works feel light-hearted and bright. This is precisely why his works have always been highly appreciated among collectors. Klinkenberg was a prolific exhibitor and sold well; it is known, for example, that one Klinkenberg painting for sale at the art dealership E.J. van Wisselingh & Co. in 1897 cost as much as a Breitner. While he was much appreciated in the Netherlands, Klinkenberg may have been even more popular abroad, where he received numerous accolades.

Depicted in: Willem Laanstra, Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg (1852-1924); de meester van het zonnige stadsgezicht, Laren, 2000, p. 178, afb. O/58-4

Auction at Venduehuis der Notarissen Rotterdam, 15-02-1990, lot 69
Simonis en Buunk art dealership, Ede, 1991
Private collection, Germany

ca. 1910
oil on canvas
Signed: Klinkenberg [bottom right]
58 x 78 cm

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