Body No. 15 - - Liu Xiaofeng

Body No. 15

- Liu Xiaofeng ( 1976 )
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Offered by E. Pranger Oriental Art

**Liu Xiaofeng**

**Photorealistic paintings**

Liu Xiaofeng chooses subjects for her paintings that evoke luxury and erotic. Her staged still lives of the series *Body* show female beauty and allurement. Liu Xiaofeng chooses not to include the faces of her characters and allows the view to fill in the missing parts. The images of female bodies are painted in an enlarged scale. In this way there remains a distance between the painted world and the world of the viewer. By using a color palette that only includes white, grey and black and she strikes the stylistic character of her work. The big tone contrasts evoke the idea as if spotlights are turned on the painted ladies. Liu Xiaofeng’s photorealistic technique is outstanding.

Her oeuvre represents a self confident young Chinese generation. Liu Xiaofeng makes a link to the Chinese erotic paintings of the 18th century but translates them into a contemporary way.

**Body No. 15**

A lady wearing a white, long dress of net lace with frills is lying sideward on the ground. She is wearing fine sandals with flower decorations. The artists chose for a detail including only the feet and the lower part of the dress. A soft spotlight is turned on the lady who does not disclose the secret about her lying on the ground.

- Liu Xiaofeng
Oil on canvas
100 x 133 cm

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E. Pranger Oriental Art

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