Houtsprokkelen op de Veluwe - Jan Holtrop

Houtsprokkelen op de Veluwe

Jan Holtrop ( The Netherlands 1917 - 1995 )
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Jan Holtrop Lemmer 1917-1995 Oosterbeek Oosterbeekse school

The painter Jan Holtrop was October 5, 1917 in Friesland Lemmer born. January when five years old the family moved to Hilversum Holtrop, where she began Leeghwaterstraat a fish. January came soon apprenticed to the renowned landscape painter Johan FC Hilversum Scherrewitz (1853-1903), who kept the studio in Hilversum Soestdijkerstraatweg. Scherrewitz's work was strongly influenced by the Hague School. His style and sense of color are again clearly reflected in the work of Holtrop. Although often Holtrop stemmiger worked more and more private sunnier, blonder onwikkelde pallet.

An art trade on the Brink was the first Church of Holtrop paintings sold. And his work in 1948 for the first time - very successfully - exhibited in the gallery Gebr. Koch Rotterdam.

In Hilversum, January longstanding member of the Association of Visual Arts, which also include January Rijlaarsdam Henri Marie Mackenzie and active member of commodities.

In Laren he kept in touch the Association of Artists Images Laren, Blaricum and Gooi Painter Vere Ning. . Holtrop had a strong preference for the landscape of the Veluwe and the Gooi Brabant. As regards his style, he remained close to that of his teacher, though he stemmiger and sometimes almost romantic. In the sixties, he shifted his field for Oosterbeek area. Holtrop also painted landscapes in Germany and Austria.

Info: Shin, Jacobs

Holtrop work is often exhibited in The Netherlands and Germany.

Jan Holtrop
Privat Collection Netherlands
Oil painting
J Holtrop
50 x 60 cm

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