Johannes (Johan ) Meijer  1885-1970    - Johannes (Johan ) Meijer

Johannes (Johan ) Meijer 1885-1970

Johannes (Johan ) Meijer ( The Netherlands 1885 - 1970 )
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Offered by Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

Johannes (Johan ) Meijer 1885-1970 The painter Johan Meijer was among students from AM Gorter seven years he was his assistant, helping with cleaning brushes and cloths repair. Then he went to Paris and Brussels to study.

In 1912 he settled in Blaricum and especially since he chose the Canal Pinafore onderwerp.Vooral as birch trees and willow trees. He had a very great love for trees, his own garden was like a forest.

Johan Meijer taught Koppius WJ and AJ Smetz.

Literature: Albert Plasschaert 'Dutch Painting'

Meyer lived and worked until 1912 in Amsterdam, then to 1925 in Laren (at Zandgat 906, Book: Laren Blaricum-1916) and then the Heideweg Blaricum.

Johan Meyer was a member of "Arti et Amicitiae ',' St. Luke's and the Dutch Art Association. He exhibited at the show include "Art of day" in 1939 in the Rijksmuseum

Johannes (Johan ) Meijer
Privat Collection Netherlands
Oil painting
J Meijer
45 x 85 cm

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The Netherlands

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