La musique et les roses - Dietz Edzard

La musique et les roses

Dietz Edzard ( Germany 1893 - France 1963 )
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Still life of various musical instruments (a violin, clarinet and a brass flute), sheet music and pink roses

Dietz Edzard, a well-known painter of the School of Paris, was born in 1893, in Bremen, Germany. He has lived in the Rhineland, in Holland and after the First World War in the South of France. From there he moved to Paris where he since had resided. Edzard, a colourful artist who has carried on the traditions of the masters of French Impressionism, studied painting with Max Beckmann. In his book D. Edzard, Gerd Muehsam writes: 'Edzard has captured in his canvases the charm of the Parisian atmosphere. With the light, vibrant touch of his brush, he produced sparkling, and yet delicate, paintings of beautiful women, dancers and flowers. His spirited portrayals of Parisian cafe scenes have made him a favorite of art circles in this country and abroad.' Edzard's love for the tender and delicate, for the fragile and the fair have made him a painter of woman and flowers par excellence. In the style of his still lifes, done in the typically impressionist manner with small dabs of pigment splashed lightly on canvas, his individual temperament is clearly discernable.

In 1929, Edzard's work was included in an exhibition of Contemporary Painting at the Jeu de Paume, Paris, a museum dedicated to the Impressionist masters and he exhibited with the famous Parisian art dealer Durand-Ruel. In the last ten years he frequently exhibited in New York and at the Domian Gallery in Montreal.  

Dietz Edzard
private collection; sale Cologne, Van Ham,2006; with Noortman Master Paintings, Maastricht; acquired by a private collection in Belgium at Noortman, June 2006.
French 19th-20th Century
Oil on canvas
signed 'D. Edzard' (l.l.)
38 x 73 cm

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