No. 32 - - Xu Wentao

No. 32

- Xu Wentao ( 1968 )
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Offered by E. Pranger Oriental Art

**Xu Wentao 徐文涛**

Xu Wental work is based on the human body as a medium to articulate ethical issues - values and taboos such as freedom of opinion, the cloning technology and homosexuality. The manifestation of changes is a key theme of the artist. Changes are essential to today’s culture, economy and science. Xu Wentao questions and criticizes certain developments of contemporary social and human issues.

The *No* series consists of two elements: people's bodies and water. The images of bodies are full of ambiguous sexual components of the tension and desire. This description of sex and desire provokes the ethical order of a civilized society.

Furthermore the artist wants to express another conflict: In Xu Wntao’s work the optical refraction is a symbol for unexpected changes caused by the cloning technology. The cloning technology with its uncertainty and ambiguous relations has caused a big discussion about Chinese ethics.

- Xu Wentao
Oil on canvas
150 x 200 cm

Offered by

E. Pranger Oriental Art

By appointment only
NL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 51 560 579

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