P54 W. Gruyter jr

P54 W. Gruyter jr

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Offered by Van Brug Collection

Willem Gruyter jr (1817-1880), monogramed and dated right below and fully signed and dated 1850 on the back, oil on panel, ships in stormy weather near the shore.

William Gruyter lived and worked in Amsterdam and was a pupil of the famous marine painter Hermanus Koekkoek Sr. Like his mentor, he painted almost exclusively marine and river views . His son Jacob William followed in his footsteps and also devoted himself to painting seascapes . In the period 1840-1880 his work in Amsterdam and The Hague was shown at the annual Exhibition of Living Masters regularly. In 1845 he became a member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam and in 1853 the artists 'club ' Arti et Amicitiae . Several Dutch museums have work of his hand .

The Netherlands
W. Gruyter jr
41.5 x 57.5 cm

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The Netherlands

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