Rue des Lombards Paris - Johannes (Jan) Korthals

Rue des Lombards Paris

Johannes (Jan) Korthals ( The Netherlands 1916 - 1972 )
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Offered by Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

Korthals Amsterdam January 1916 - 1973 Korthals made for paintings and watercolors in impressionistic style cityscapes. He taught at AW, and Schroeder was a member of St. Luke in Amsterdam. His work reveals a multifaceted professional sheep pals crossed late Impressionist, he noted he was in Holland and smooth saturated tones mills and farms. His cityscapes of Amsterdam, where the brown tone prevails, most of us do think Breitner. Here is the unmistakable influence of his uncle and teacher Marie Henry Mackenzie to recognize them for a longer period with Breitner was in the leather. The reverence for the Mackenzie Breitner, he created one hundred percent for his nephew transferred.

Also he would like in Paris, where he made many tough ink drawings, which he later in his studio in Amsterdam until thoroughly worked oil paintings. His Parisian street corners are typical, some blue in the shade, the red of a girl blouse and a light green shopfront, the handy color accents in a volatile streets.

Jan Korthals is best known for his impressionistic painted and watercolor cityscapes. Recently, a monograph on the work of Jan Korthals published.
Info: Shin, Bénézit

Johannes (Jan) Korthals
Particuliere Collectie Netherlanda
Oil painting
Jan Korthals
30 x 50 cm

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Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

Gooilandweg 223
1271 KW Huizen
The Netherlands

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