Herder met hond en kudde schapen - Willem Steelink Jr

Herder met hond en kudde schapen

Willem Steelink Jr ( The Netherlands 1856 - 1928 )
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Offered by Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

William Steelink Jr. 1856 - 1928
William ("Wilm", "Wim") Steelers Link Jr. was born on July 16, 1856 in Amsterdam. His father is one of the main staalgraveurs at that time. Pretty fast Steelers Link as an independent artist to work on historical subjects and as illustrator of the historical genre. Most publicity he obtains through his reproductive engravings of famous paintings by great masters. Worth mentioning are his etching copies of Joseph and John Israel Bosboom. In the '80s comes a shift of engraver and illustrator Link Steelers will focus more on the "new art" and begins to study the "Gooische Hei. In this period, landscape painter, he wanders through the area. He works mainly in the vicinity of the stream Lunterse, Elspeet, Nunspeet Vierhouten and throw. It is through this period Steelers Link real landscape painter, although he was in the gallery above this became known as "sheep-painter". In 1898 he live in The Hague, and HJ van der Weele neighbor with whom he regularly out into the Veluwe to paint. Stee Link died in Voorburg - November 27, 1928.

Willem Steelink Jr
Privat Collection Netherlands
Oil painting
W. Steelink jr 1892 en geannoteerd Scherpenzeel l.o.
32 x 39 cm

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The Netherlands

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