Still life with fruit and blue rag

Still life with fruit and blue rag

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Still life with fruit and blue rag Still life with fruit and blue rag Still life with fruit and blue rag Still life with fruit and blue rag Still life with fruit and blue rag

Jan Sluijters was one of the most important Dutch masters of the first half of the twentieth century.
He won the Prix de Rome in 1904. This price allowed him to travel to Rome. In 1906 he ended up in Paris where he saw works of the Fauvists. This was of great influence and Sluijters started to paint in this modern way. The jury of the Prix the Rome stopped his allowance from the Prix the Rome since they believed he painted to modern now. Sluijters experimented with several styles, including fauvism and cubism, finally settling on a colorful expressionism. His paintings feature nude studies, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. About the painter there is the anecdote that he painted all flower bouquets in his house, every time again. That is why so many of his still lifes are with flowers. This particular still life is rare since it has no flowers. The tazza with grapes is also used in other still lifes with fruit. The background with the Persian carpet colours is the same as in the painting la joie de Peindre from 1946, a very important work by Sluijters since it was used as name for the exhibition in Stedelijk Museum 1951.
This painting was always cherished by the Sluijters family. Jan Sluijters himself exhibited it in 1950 in Venice and in 1951-1952 in Leiden and Amsterdam. These last exhibitions were organised in conjunction with each other. After Jan’s death it went to his son Rob. The family had decided this in advance since his name is written on the stretcher.

Exhibitions: Biënnale XXV (1950) Venice , 1950 , nr. 12, with title: Natura morta con drappo azzurro 1950.
Jan Sluijters (Leiden 1951) Stedelijk Museum de Lakenhal , Leiden , 1951-06-01 - 1951-07-15 , no. 38; possession of the artist.
Jan Sluijters. La Joie de Peindre Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam , Amsterdam , 1951-12-17 - 1952-01-28 , nr. 124, with title: Stilleven met vruchten en blauwe lap 1950; with wrong dimensions 110 x 120 (Label on the back of the painting).
On loan Singer Laren museum 2008 – 2019.
De Appel. Tussen Schuld en Onschuld, Museum De Buitenplaats, Eelde, 24-09-2016 t/m 27-11-2016

Private collection Jan Sluijters; thence by descent
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated upper left Jan Sluijters 1950
101 x 121 cm

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