Scipio's tomb

Scipio's tomb

Price: € 2450

Offered by Robert Schreuder Antiquair

Scipio's tomb Scipio's tomb Scipio's tomb Scipio's tomb Scipio's tomb Scipio's tomb

Model of the sarcophagus of Lucius Cornelius Scipio Barbatus, in peperino stone (grey volcanic tuff) with a text in red paint. On a white marble plinth.

Scipio was a roman consul in 298 BC and the great victor in the battle of the Romans against the Etruscan army near Volterra.The sarcophagus was discovered in 1780 in the grave of the Scipiones at the Via Appia and later removed to the Vatican Museum. A miniature model was a beloved Grand Tour souvenir. The inscription at the front says: "Cornelius Lucius Scipio Barbatus, descendant of Gnaeus his father, a strong and wise man - whose appearance equalled his virtue, who was consul, censor and your aedilis. He conquered Taurasia and Cisauna in Samnium. He subjected all Luciania and took hostages from there".

Mid-19th century
11.4 x 19.2 x 7.5 cm

Offered by

Robert Schreuder Antiquair

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 48
1017 DG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 624289550

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