A bronze Jue with taotie design

A bronze Jue with taotie design

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Offered by E. Pranger Oriental Art

Archaic bronze vessel, set on three splayed, tapering legs of triangular section, with curving, rounded channel-shaped spout, opposite which the flat lip extends outwards and rises to a point. The body, with rounded bowl, is decorated with a broad band of stylized dragons confronted to form a double-bodied taotie mask with protruding eyes. Two short columns, each surmounted by domes caps decorated with a whirling pattern, rise from each side of the rim at the junction with the spout. The loop handle springs from a bovine mask.

Structurally speaking the Jue, a wine vessel of ancient origin, is closely related to the Jia. Yet it has often baffled experts as the only decidedly asymmetrical vessel of the Shang repertoire. Its elongated channel-like spout, its `tail', and the relative position of its legs pose problems still unsolved. The Jiao is similar to the Jue in shape except it has symmetrical sharp horns and no beak.
Western Zhou Period
20 x 16 cm

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E. Pranger Oriental Art

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