Seated wooden Japanese Monk

Seated wooden Japanese Monk

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Offered by Blitz Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art

Seated Japanese monk

Our seated Japanese monk is constructed of wood and
made of blocks to prevent the sculpture from warping.
The figure was made to be placed on a chair or seat
The wonderful head has eyes made of rock crystal ,which
are fixed into their sockets from the back with bamboo stakes
Our monk appears to represent the famous Kukai (774-835)
also known as Kobo-Daishi.
He is revered for his teaching and promulgation of Shingon esoteric
Buddhism in Japan
In terms of Japanese portrait sculpture our figure is quite late in date
but especially the facial expression and the eyes have an almost mesmerizing
effect on the viewer.
Muromachi or Momoyama period, 16-17th c CE
Ht: 75cm (30")

Muromachi of Momoyama period
75 cm

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