Dutch Renaissance column four-door cupboard

Dutch Renaissance column four-door cupboard

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Offered by Kollenburg Antiquairs BV

An oak column cupboard with four doors: two smaller doors in the upper cabinet and two larger doors with double centrally placed panels in the base cabinet. The cupboard consists of three sections, namely a base cabinet containing a drawer and two doors, an upper cabinet containing two smaller doors, and a separate pediment. The pediment incorporates a profiled cornice which protrudes significantly outwards. Below it is a tall, undivided frieze decorated with carvings of acanthus leaf scrollwork and birds. In the centre of the pediment is a stylised shield featuring one of the divine virtues, Love, in the form of a mother and her children.

The six panels on the doors bear representations of the remaining six virtues, namely the other two divine virtues, Faith and Hope, and the cardinal virtues, Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Courage. Each of the seven virtues is represented by a standing woman accompanied by her personal attributes, placed within a stylised shield borne by two outward-facing figures. Between the panels on the large doors are fields of shallow carvings in the shape of acanthus leaf scrollwork with ripe fruit.

The cupboard’s design appears to have been inspired by Classic architecture. The front features six fluted columns divided across two levels, with Doric capitals, blackened rings and richly carved bases. The panelled doors are located between these columns. The cupboard’s upper and base cabinets each stand upon a horizontal plinth incorporating a wide drawer upon which the decoration of the frieze is repeated. Unlike the tall frieze, these drawers are divided by lion’s heads. The central lion’s head holds a brass ring in its maw, serving as a drawer pull.

Loek van Aalst en Annigje Hofstede, Noords Nederlandse meubelen van renaissance tot vroege barok 1550-1670, 2011, p.94-107

ca. 1660
Oak, sculpted oak
215 x 163 x 70 cm

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