An ivory turnery box

An ivory turnery box

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An ivory turnery box An ivory turnery box An ivory turnery box An ivory turnery box An ivory turnery box

In the 16th century, 17th century and later, these so-called 'art turnings' were made by noble royals out of enthusiasm on technically very ingenious lathes. A movement emerged from not just learning from scriptures/books to doing, from headwork to handwork. The highly developed technology of these lathes appealed to intellectual abilities and highly developed manual dexterity. Manuals and textbooks were written. There were also numerous centres with family businesses, where these turning works were made, for instance in Nuremberg, Dresden and Regensburg. These turning works of art were often donated as a present and displayed in so-called art rooms and art cabinets, full of displayed curiosities and curiosities.
Germany,17th century.
Ex collection,Mario Crijns, Oosterhout
With European CITES certificate 23NL320102/20 23Nl320101/20
Victoria & Albert Museum London,
Grünes Gewölbe Museum in Dresden,
Rosenborg Slot in Copenhagen,
Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. 
Kunstkammer George Lau, Gedrehte Kostbarkeiten, 2004, volume IV. Munich.
Eugen Philippovich, Elfenbein, publisher: Klinkhardt & Biermann, Munich, isbn 3-7814-0167-7


17th century
2 x 5.8 cm

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