A Wooden Covered Goblet, attributed to A.H.J. Parent

A Wooden Covered Goblet, attributed to A.H.J. Parent

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A wooden goblet with a lid, decorated with fine carving. The base is decorated with a ring of gadroons. The goblet is finely carved with flower and leaf motifs. The upper rim is decorated with a fluted edge and opposing rams heads that function as handles. The lid is decorated with acanthus and a torqued fluted finial.

Aubert-Henri-Joseph Parent (Cambrai 1753 – 1835 Valenciennes)
Parent was a French architect, draughtsman, sculptor of stone and wood. He was trained in Paris and Rome whereafter he worked in Paris. His fame rose swiftly when he had presented his limewood reliefs to Louis XVI. Supported by the king he travelled to Italy in 1784 to accomplish his training. At the outbreak of the Revolution, Parent seeks refuge in Switzerland and will not return to France before 1813. Once back in France he takes up a position as teacher in architecture at the Académie de Valenciennes. A post that he will hold until his death in 1835. He was the father of the architects Clément and Henri Parent.

Parent’s work is characterized by meticulous detail and abundant use of elements of the natural world. These elements become very popular in applied arts after the publication of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s ‘Émile, ou De l’éducation’, in which nature is positioned over society. Frequently returning themes are birds with their nests and eggs, insects, posies, and minutely detailed flowers and leaves. But Parent also made portraits, decorations with martial attributes, religious representations, clock cases, and tobacco boxes. His work is of an unsurpassed accuracy and finesse with representations that are true to nature. His work is represented in many collections worldwide, among them the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and museums in France, Switzerland, and Germany.

22.5 cm

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