"Assendelfter " cupboard

"Assendelfter " cupboard

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Offered by Bruil & Brandsma

The profiled frame on the top of the cupboard is painted with a wood decoration. The frieze is painted with a hunting scene. The four panels on the doors are painted with biblical scenes. Top left the annunciation, top right  the proclamation to the shepherds, bottom left the adoration of the shepherds and bottom right the adoration of the Magi. A profiled frame is placed around the biblical scenes painted with a turtle imitation decoration.  The vertical parts of the cupboard are painted with garlands and a bow on top. The painting on the middle drawer of the cupboard is of lesser condition, making it hard to define the depiction. The buffet part of the cupboard is decorated with a dentil and a rosette on both sides. The two sides of the cupboard are decorated with painted birds and floral patterns. Standing on globe-shaped feet. 
Assendelfter cupboard is a popular term, this term was born during the 1889 world exhibition in Paris. In this exhibition two cupboards from the Zaan district were shown, one from Jisp with four doors and one from Assendelft with four doors and a buffet-part. Nowadays cupboards similar to the Jisp model are called Jisper cupboards and cupboards similar to the one from Assendelft, like this one, are called Assendelfter cupboards. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century the Zaan district was known for its wood industry. It was one of the most important centers for the manufacturing of furniture in Holland. Furniture from the Zaan district is very recognizable, usually decorated with paint and carved decoration like a dentil and rosettes. 
The Zaan district was not the only area where craftsmen manufactured painted furniture. Research shows that furniture from the Zaan district was shipped to other places to be painted since no painter's studios have been found in the area. Possibly furniture was shipped to painter's studios in Amsterdam. A similar cupboard can be found in the Open Air Museum in Arnhem.
"Zaan district", Netherlands
Last quarter of the seventeenth century
Painted oak and pinewood
200 x 145 x 48 cm

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Bruil & Brandsma

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 68
1017 DH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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