Met’s Picasso Exhibition Is One for the Record Books

18 August 2010

Pablo Picasso, you still got it! The Metropolitan Museum of Art said on Tuesday that its recent exhibition of works by that 20th-century titan of creativity was its seventh highest-attended show in the museum’s history.

The exhibition, called “Picasso in The Metropolitan Museum of Art,” drew 703,256 visitors during its 17-week run from April 19 through Aug. 15, making it the museum’s best-attended show since 2001. The Met said that the exhibition, which featured the museum’s complete Picasso holdings of some 300 examples of the artist’s painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics, attracted as many as 10,000 visitors on some busy Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Still, it wasn’t enough to top the Met’s sixth most-attended exhibition, “The Horses of San Marco,” which drew 742,221 visitors over seven months in 1980. Maybe next time, Picasso.

The museum said that its seven highest-attended exhibitions have been:
1. “Treasures of Tutankhamun”
2. “The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci”
3. “The Vatican Collections: The Papacy and Art”
4. “Painters in Paris: 1895-1950″
5. “Origins of Impressionism”
6. “The Horses of San Marco”
7. “Picasso in The Metropolitan Museum of Art"

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