Munich stripping for photographer Spencer Tunick

25 June 2012

Munich Opera Festival 2012 opened last weekend with an installation by American photographer Spencer Tunick.

About 1,700 nude volunteers body-painted in neither red or gold posed in several locations around the city for Spencer Tunick’s latest art installation ‘The Ring’ which is inspired by Richard Wagner's great opus ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’.

The event in Munich, for which 2,500 habitants had initially volunteered, was Spencer Tunick’s first large-scale project in Germany.

Spencer Tunick is famous for his collective nudes, group photographs gathering hundreds or even thousands of entirely nude people often taken in tourist places of interest or during major cultural events.

Tunick’s projects, however, are not always well-received. Earlier this month the photographer inspired an anti-stripping bill in Israel after photographing 1,000 nude Israelis on the shores of the Dead Sea last year.

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