Roy Lichtenstein painting 'Electrical Cord' reappears after 42 years

1 August 2012

A painting by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein that’s been missing for 42 years has turned up in a New York City warehouse. Lichtenstein’s black-and-white “Electric Cord” disappeared in 1970 after being sent out for restoration by owner Leo Castelli and never returned.

Court papers say it re-emerged last week when the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation notified Castelli’s widow, Barbara Castelli, someone was trying to sell it.

The image of a tightly wound electric cord, painted by Lichtenstein in 1961 and purchased by The Castelli Gallery for $750, is now worth an estimated $4 million, according to lawyers for Castelli’s widow, Barbara Bertozzi Castelli. "We're concerned that this painting is just going to disappear again," Castelli's lawyer, Benjamin Semel, said.

A judge has ordered the warehouse to refrain from relocating, selling or disposing of the painting, or allowing anyone access to it.

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