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Eric Claus ( Nederland 1936 - )
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Eric Claus is an important figure in the field of contemporary classic sculpture. Through a large variety of subjects, Eric Claus knows how to enchant his public and retain their attention. Whether he creates the characters from the popular Italian Commedia dell’arte, the great philosophers over the centuries or any other  subject, his artistic vision and his craftsmanship keep taking the on-looker by surprise.  Apart from sculptures and paintings, Eric Claus has been building an impressive oeuvre of coins.

1949-1952    School for Graphic Arts, Amsterdam;
1952-1954    Drawing Academy for Teachers, Amsterdam;
1955-1960    National Academy of Art, Amsterdam;
From 1979 to 1990, he was Professor at the National Academy of Art, Amsterdam.

Some examples of large commissions:
1970:   four sculptures in bronze, Sculpture park Oregon, USA
1975:   eight sculptures in bronze, Sculpture park Denmark
1985:   Monument for prime minister Drees, The Hague
1990:   large bronze for the head office of Rabobank Utrecht
1997:   10-guilder coin of Jan Steen
2001:   Design for Lindo monument, Tokio Japan
2005:   Coin for 25th anniversary of Queen Beatrix
2006:   Three objects for Rotterdam Harbour
2007:   Katwijk, Sculpture on the Sea Side, project 'Johan Cruijff, number 14 in bronze'.

Prizes designed by Claus:
P.C. Hooft prize, Louis d’Or, Theo d’Or, Harlekino, Colombina,  Hermans, Music Prize 1998, Toon Martens prize, E.C.I. prize, Shell Prize.

represented in the company collection of:
De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Dutch National Bank, in Amsterdam.

Eric Claus
deel van zijn serie Commedia dell'Arte;
20e Eeuw
Brons, groen patin
gesigneerd 'CLAUS' en genummerd I/IV
87 cm

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