Les Bénédictions - Auguste Rodin

Les Bénédictions

Auguste Rodin ( Frankrijk 1840 - 1917 )
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Conceived before 1894, this edition of "Les Bénédictions" was casted from the original mould in 1964.  In 1894 Armand Dayot, French Inspector General of Fine Arts, proposed a monument to honor labor: La Tour du Travail. There were others collaborating on the project, but Rodin was placed in charge of the overall theme and composition. Combining architectural and sculptural elements, Rodin proposed a tall column, covered with bas-reliefs that ascended from a crypt below the ground. The very top of the tower was to be crowned by two winged figures known as 'Les Bénédictions'. The monument was never realized and 'Les Bénédictions' was exhibited as an independent work.
We are grateful to Mr Hubert Herpin of the Musée Rodin in Paris for his valuable information.

Auguste Rodin
Musée Rodin Paris; Dominion Gallery Montreal, november 1965; uit een voorname verzameling, verkregen bij de Dominion Gallery tussen 1965 en 1970; Verder via vererving in privé bezit gebleven.
Bronze, met een genuanceerd groen patina.
gesigneerd 'A. Rodin', gemerkt ‘© by Musée Rodin’ en ‘Georges Rudier Fondeur.Par.’ op de sokkel en met een merk binnenine & no.1723 in red chalk.
28.1 x 24.3 x 23.3 cm

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