Tekke Turkmen Main Carpet

Tekke Turkmen Main Carpet

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Aangeboden door Foumani Persian Gallery

Winner Carpet Design Awards 2012 in Domotex Hannover

Tekke Main Carpet

Foumani Collection No. 6178

Size: 222 x 192 cm

Warp: Wool, Z2S, ivory

Weft: Camel hair, Z2 to Z2S, incidental red wool,

Pile: Wool Z2,

Knot: As 2, open to the right, on the left side one row and on the right side 2 rows Sy 1, H 42 x V 72 = 3.024 kn/dm..

Colours: brownish red,, two reds (one abrash), sky blue, dark blue, green/blue, dark brown, yellow, ivory.

Balkhan Monuntains
Southeast Turkmenistan, before 1800

The field of this Tekke Main Carpet is showing four vertical rows of eleven horizontal rows of the Tekke main medallions (Göl), with chemche güls. as secondary ornaments.
The composition of the carpet is perfectly balanced. The main border has a very complex
composition filled with octagon stars, separated by a variety of dividing ornaments.

The carpet has such a particular artistic style, a somewhat round Turkoman tent size and an
exceptional border, that it is an artistic work of Art.
Because of its brownish red tonality it is from the Balkhan Mountains, which was the oldest
living area of the Tekke tribes.


1. Two main carpets in the Hallwyska Museum Stockholm.

2. Robert Pinner and Michael Franses Turkoman Studies I, London 1980, cat.-no. 163, 164.

3. Elena Tsareva, Rugs and Carpets from Central Asia, The Russian Collections, Leningrad
1984, plates no.28 and 32.

4. Siawosch Azadi und Rüdiger Vossen, Turkmenische Teppiche und die ethnographische
Bedeutung ihrer Ornamente Hamburgisches Museum für Völkerkunde, Hamburg 1970,
Tafel 3 and 5.

Link: http://foumani.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=81&Itemid=124
Before 1800
192 x 222 cm

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