Galerie Lingier

Galerie Lingier
Museumlaan 18
9831 Deurle

+32 92823090 / +32 475376058

The Galerie Lingier represents modern art in the widest sense of the term. Its vision has resulted in a collection focusing on developments in 20th century modern art. While the gallery’s origins are linked more with the masters of the Laethem-Saint-Martin groups, it also exhibits works by contemporaries and artists from a slightly more recent period. The collection is on display in the gallery at Deurle (Laethem-Saint-Martin) or in the Jan Breydelstraat in the centre of Ghent and also in Knokke-Zoute. The gallery is also present at art exhibitions such as Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair (BRAFA), Lineart and Art Fair Den Bosch.

Galerie Lingier

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