Ganes Pratt Gallery

Ganes Pratt Gallery
Slovenska cesta 35
1000 Ljubljana

+386 (0)1 241 68 50 / +386 (0)51 242 811

Ganes Pratt gallery was founded in 2006 by Primož Nemec. He invited a group of young artists with a goal to give them and other new generation artists an opportunity to carry out projects in Slovenia and abroad and to help them on the way of quality and constructive growth and assertion in the art world. Even though Ganes Pratt is presented as a sales gallery, one of its main guidelines remains encouraging and representing authorial gallery projects and through that contributing to development of Slovene commercial contemporary art gallery system’s expertise. An important direction of Ganes Pratt is also representing selected national and international artists of the young generation who work at home and abroad. Their work and projects can be compared to work of the currently leading names in the global art scene in terms of their narrative strength. The artists prove this with the quantity of projects as well as with the quality of their work which is manifested in intertwining of classical (fine arts, sculpting, drawing, graphic art) and new media. Ganes Pratt gallery is actively co-creating the Slovene art program. Among many events, the most famous are: 28th International Biennial of Graphic Arts tiled The Matrix: An Unstable Reality and Hosting Moderna galerija action with the project Non-central Domains: Video art in Slovenia after 2000. Ganes Pratt is collaborating with the following artists: Viktor Bernik, Žiga Kariž, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Jaša, Nicola Genovese, Meta Grgurevič, Mark Požlep, Arjan Pregl, Pila Rusjan, Simone Settimo in Urša Vidic. With its almost 40-year old tradition, Mala galerija became an indispensable place of contemporary visual art and has hosted a number of the most important Slovene and foreign artists. At first the exhibitions at the Mala galerija were organized by Ljubljana Fine Artists Society and after 1980 it was taken over by the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana. Nowadays, Mala galerija with Ganes Pratt projects remains an important project space for individual artistic statements, whose messages gain special resonance thanks to Mala galerija's conspicuous location on the Ljubljana's main street.

Ganes Pratt Gallery

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