Amstel Gallery

Amstel Gallery
Stadhouderskade 155
1074 BC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 628 567 830

Amstel Gallery was originally founded because of the Aan de Amstel clients that gradually evolved from people that rent and lease art, into people that like to buy art as well. And people that buy art want to feel comfortable in a contemporary art gallery, even or especially when they ‘just want to peek around’. So Amstel Gallery is not just a New-York style wharehouse for art, but also a new hotspot in town!

Petra Leene is the owner of both Amstel Gallery and Aan de Amstel. One can’t do without the other and she equally cherishes both highly succesfull organisations.

Artists and art-collectors from all over the world are embraced by Petra’s loyalty, cutting edge style and her contagious enthusiasm.
The word ‘snob’ doesn’t apply to Petra at all; the word ‘ambition’ does!

Amstel Gallery offers high-end contemporary art, that is easy accessible, affordable to all and defined by a great versatility.

Exclusively dealing with the global ‘crème-de-la-crème’ in contemporary art, Amstel Gallery interprets significant art-movements and reflects on them with various mediums like photography, sculpture, collage and painting.

Amstel Gallery

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