Van Gelder Jewellery

Van Gelder Jewellery
Oude Dieze 15
5211 KT Den Bosch
The Netherlands

+31 736146254

Solid gold bracelets, necklaces, finger and toe rings, shoulder pads, buckles inlaid with pearls, and daggers with ruby-studded hilts. From their seventeenth century, listed building ‘t Spijkerboor in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Bernadette van Gelder and her two daughters Fleur Damman-Van Gelder and Noëlle Viguurs-Van Gelder, cater for an international clientèle with their collection of traditional Indian jewellery. It’s a veritable treasure trove, full of unique items of jewellery, worn by maharajahs and kings, princes and princesses. “Beauty is not an absolute concept; you have to see it,” they say. “An increasing number of people are seeing India through our eyes and feeling the attraction of these jewels.”

Van Gelder Jewellery

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