Simonis & Buunk Kunsthandel

Simonis & Buunk Kunsthandel
Notaris Fischerstraat 30
6711BD Ede
The Netherlands

+31 318652888

Simonis & Buunk is located in Ede, in the centre of the Netherlands.

Our varied collection, comprising some 2,500 paintings and watercolours by 19th and 20th century Dutch masters, is shown in three spacious galleries on the Notaris Fischerstraat. The particular emphasis of our 19th century collection is Dutch Romanticism and Impressionism of the Hague and Amsterdam Schools. The 20th century is represented with work from, among others, the Dutch Neo-Impressionists, Luminists, classical modernists, Expressionists, Realists and post-war abstractionists. The paintings are complemented by a collection of sculpture installed in the sculpture garden and the three galleries.

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