Marc de Regt

Marc de Regt
Vlasmarkt 10
4461 CW Goes
The Netherlands

+31 113221122

Pieces of jewellery are made of precious metals (platinum, gold or silver). They turn into true “jewels” when high quality gem stones are set into them. Marc designs and manufactures exclusive pieces of jewellery and “jewels” in limited series and single copies. Only his own designs are made in his studio and are presented in the gallery. It’s also possible to come to a design in dialogue with the client. Marc is not interested in plagiarism.

The themes that inspire him are usually taken from nature or are caused by a particular emotion.
Apart from jewellery Marc has his own collection of individual gem stones which are the basic ingredients for many designs.
Precious metal, gem stones, diamond jewellery and design; to Marc these words all mean: Emotion, Love and Inspiration.

Marc de Regt

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