Morren Galleries

Morren Galleries
Prinsengracht 572, Amsterdam 338 - 340
3511 PM Utrecht
The Netherlands

+31 302317752 / +31 654916131

Morren Galleries, founded by Eric Morren in 1993, has two locations in The Netherlands (Utrecht and Amsterdam). Since its founding, Morren Galleries has become well known for the promotion of contemporary figurative artists from both The Netherlands and countries around the world. For almost two decades Morren Galleries has exhibited hundreds of artists, ranging from emerging to established. Morren Galleries always strives to progress and is dynamic and original in promoting artists formerly unknown in The Netherlands like photographers Billy&Hells (Germany), Bethany de Forest (The Netherlands) and Brooke Shaden (USA). In addition to participating in art fairs and the production of catalogues and DVD's about the artist, Morren Galleries organizes exclusive late night gallery dinners and preview parties. Locations: MORREN GALLERIES Oudegracht 338 - 340 3511 PM Utrecht | MORREN GALLERIES Prinsengracht 572 1017 KR Amsterdam | MORREN GALLERIES

Morren Galleries

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