Keizersgracht hoek Amstel met magere brug - Daniel Muehlhaus

Keizersgracht hoek Amstel met magere brug

Daniel Muehlhaus ( The Netherlands 1907 - 1981 )
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Offered by Kunsthandel D.J. Zeeman

Muehlhausen Daniel (Daan) was born February 21, 1907 in Dordrecht. Here he lived and worked. Muehlhausen formed and painted himself, watercolors and drawing cityscapes, landscapes, flowers and portraits in an impressionist style.
The period 1940-1960 was artistically Muehlhausen 'best time. In the '40s, his work is still clearly influenced by his colleague and rival Noltee Cor. Together they made many outside studies and Dordrecht. Yet there already inherent "nimble" brushwork of Muehlhausen visible. Daan Muehlhausen belonged together with some other members of Pictura, including the Dortse Noltee Wijnhoven and painters, who the followers of the spirit MPReus could call. They choose as he preferred the countryside surrounding the city on the river to the subject of their paintings and they all work in the broad-impressionistic style of the Hague-Amsterdam.

Due to his travels to Italy, France and Spain, he developed a tone list to a colorist and watercolors he made related to the work of the French Hollander Jongkind. Muehlhausen in his mature work shows a unique light, color and brushwork.

He was a member of Pictura in Dordrecht and St. Luke in Amsterdam.

Daniel Muehlhaus
Privat collection Netherlands
Oil painting
D. Muhlhaus
50 x 70 cm

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