P24 P.J. Schotel

P24 P.J. Schotel

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P24 P.J. Schotel P24 P.J. Schotel

The estuary of a river with some fishing boats, a two-master and a steamship. On the left on the horizon we see the banks of the river with some more craft. On the right a city with the silhouette of a truncated tower. In the foreground on the left we see the muddy banks at low tide. The horizon is placed low in the presentation, with a distinct diagonal composition from the lower left to the upper right of the painting. This is even more emphasized by the large sails and the clouds that follow the same diagonal. The representation is painted in restrained colours; different shades of grey, blue and brown, with some colourfull strokes in the foreground that call for attention. The delicate lines of the rigging and detail in the foreground contrast splendidly with the panoramic view of the Dutch cloudy sky. Petrus Johannes Schotel (Dordrecht 1808 - 1865 Dresden) was the son and pupil of the seascape painter Johannes Christiaan Schotel (1787 - 1838). He originally lived in Dordrecht and was employed by the Royal Marine Institute of Medemblik. For this institution he travelled a lot, mostly on naval vessels. Schotel lived in Kampen from 1851 to 1856 and subsequently moved to Dusseldorf. After 1860 he lived in Dresden where he died in 1865. Schotel was mainly known as a painter of seascapes and ships but was also an etcher and lithographer. Work by P.J. Schotel is to be found in numerous Museums; amongst others in Amsterdam in the Rijksmuseum, Museum Fodor and Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum and in Rotterdam in Museum Boymans-van Beuningen and the Maritiem Museum. Dimensions Height 22.00 cm / 9 in Width 29.00 cm / 11 in

The Netherlands
P.J. Schotel

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