Salomon Stodel Antiquités

Salomon Stodel Antiquités
Rokin 70
1012KW Amsterdam

+31 206231692

Rare antique has been our business for more the one hundred and forty years. Salomon Stodel is best described with the French word "generalist". We buy and sell a range of rare antique objects such as, rare antique French furniture, baroque sculptures, Italian majolica and Dutch delftware. The present senior partner has contributed to the modernization and globalization of the rare antique market. The world famous Maastricht and the national dutch antique fair were his brain child. The Salomon Stodel company was founded by Bernardictus Stodel 146 years ago. Even though a lot of rare antiques where already purchased by musea and collectors at that time, the Salomon Stodel company has had the good fortune and knowledge of finding and purchasing some interesting examples in various the parts of rare antique. Over the years museums and collectors have been clients of the firm Stodel. The managing director Joseph Estié is a qualified expert, who will undertake valuations for probate and insurance purposes.

Salomon Stodel Antiquités

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